Phthalo Blues is an epic science fiction adventure book series that spans thousands of years. The story takes place on the fictional planet of Eros. Alongside Phthalo Blues, there is also the comic book series Wild Frontier, which is a detective story set in the colossal urban metropolis known as Capitol City. Both stories exist in the same Universe.

About the Author

The inspiration for Phthalo Blues and Wild Frontier comes from my love for Science Fiction and complex storytelling. My idea was to create a Universe through which I could explore different creative mediums. The story is influenced by many of my favorite movies, TV shows, and video games, including Final Fantasy, Fist of the North Star, Star Trek, Attack on Titan, Blade Runner, and Twin Peaks, to list a few.

Will Wallner is a musician, entrepreneur, and author. He grew up in South West England and spent many years living in Los Angeles as a rock musician. He loves nothing more than to spend time with his animals or plugging a Les Paul into a loud Marshall amplifier. Whether he’s recording new music, starting a new business, or writing a new book, he is always in the process of creating something new. That is what inspires him. For more information visit www.willwallner.com